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What Our Customers Are Saying

To Whom It May Concern: Leslie and I testify, without reservation, that Pensacola Home Buyers have proven to be trustworthy and reliable in their interactions with us. Furthermore, we believe that their real estate system is the best of its kind in the Pensacola area. Being in the Navy and having a transfer out of the area pending, we placed our home on the market for the last six months of our time in Pensacola. However, as our time in the panhandle was nearing the end we realized that our house was not going to sell in time. Looking for alternative methods to solve our problem was leading nowhere. Then, luckily, we found Pensacola Home Buyers. Pensacola Home Buyers offer was the best for our real estate situation. Since we signed our agreement with Pensacola Home Buyers we are still perfectly satisfied that we made the right decision. Pensacola Home Buyers have honored our agreement in every respect and also were true to their word on other details that were not even documented in the contract. Pensacola Home Buyers is, in our opinion, a company of integrity. Sincerely, Derick and Leslie Wingler
Derick and Leslie Wingler
Suffolk, VA

I am writing this letter to thank you both for your time, patience, and devotion, and to recognize you both as true professionals in your real estate dealings. I was a bit skeptical about trying to sell my Pensacola property through any place besides a standard Realtor, but had many months of frustration and ultimately no success. After meeting and dealing with Mark, I felt confident that he would do his utmost to sell my property in Pensacola, Florida. Mark and his staff always presented me with smiling reception (even over the phone lines) no matter what the call was about. Dealing with you and your staff has been a pleasure. I appreciate both of you in your service to me as the (prior) owner of the little house on First Street. I know Mark worked hard to find and qualify a suitable new owner for the house and maintained the property in good condition to make it marketable. In a relatively short time, your diligence paid off and the house was sold. I realize that my property is an old home and in a tough market with newer homes. Mark and his staff handled all the details and corresponded with me to close the deal. Since I live out of town, it’s certainly nice to know that some people can be trusted to live up to their word, and Mark has definitely conducted business in an honorable way with me. It is a real relief to have the house sold and Mark’s professionalism allowed me to continue my work here and tend to important business. Thank you again for your diligent efforts and integrity and for successfully selling my house.
Claudia Gamin
Panama City Beach, FL

We would like to take this opportunity to say how very much we appreciate the time and help you gave us in purchasing our home. You certainly went over and beyond the call of duty to make our dream come true! We could not have asked for a more accommodating and patient person with which to do business. Pensacola Home Buyers definitely served our need with honesty and integrity. We would not hesitate to use them again should the need arise.
Earnie and Beverly Cawby
Cantonment, FL

To Whom It May Concern: We implore anyone who is considering purchasing a home in the Pensacola area to use the services of Pensacola Home Buyers. Our experience with Pensacola Home Buyers (Mark in particular) was a very pleasant business adventure. In all dealings, Mark has been very honest, fair and showed a genuine caring about our individual situation whether we corresponded or met personally. The help with closing on the home, which we purchased from Mark, was greatly appreciated and will always be remembered by us. Sincerely, Richard & Linda New Homeowners
The Helms
Pensacola, FL

RE: Thank YOU Pensacola Home Buyers I am sorry we have not gotten around to thanking you for the help you gave us in purchasing our new home at 1 Mcnair Lane. We appreciate your willingness to help us, which is the only way we could have been able to buy a home. I also want to commend you for the attitude you displayed concerning this home, I truly believe your interest was not just selling the home. You displayed an interest in what was best for our family. What our needs were. I would also like to say I appreciated the way you talked. I know this may should strange but it's hard to find in today?s world, yes even in the business world; someone who does not use foul language in everyday conversation. I must say you used a Christian attitude (even without knowing if you were) but I want to thank you for this. May God Greatly Bless your Business!! Sincerely, David and Debbie Williams
David and Debbie Williams
Pensacola, FL

One of the biggest hurdles I had to face back in July 2002, when I moved from Saudi Arabia to Pensacola, to handle my new duties at the Naval Air Station, was to find a place to live for my family. I consider myself very fortunate that I found Pensacola Home Buyers who assisted me in finding exactly the kind of residence I was looking for and at the same time making the whole process much easier for me and less time consuming, so I can focus on other important issues. I wouldn?t hesitate to recommend Pensacola Home Buyers to my friends and I thank them for the good service.
LT. COL. Abdulrahmon S. Haboudal RSAF
Pensacola, FL

Dear Pensacola Home Buyers, Kris and I wish to thank you for your generosity beyond measure. One phone call to you communicating our needs and desire to sell our home went from a challenge that was overwhelming to an opportunity of hopeful resolve that you would manage, negotiate and see to its successful completion. Once Pensacola Home Buyers said yes they would meet our needs-that's exactly what they did through their agents. In a hospitable, timely and courteous manner we worked together to turn our responsibility into theirs. We were looking to get out from under the financial responsibility. That is exactly what you did for us. We pray for your financial success in this transaction. You liberated us from a financial responsibility that would have been impossible for us to meet. We were moving to another state and another home that would have required us to pay a mortgage payment and a rent payment. You managed to get a renter into our home and set up the possibility of their purchasing it within three months. The quickness of this happening saved us from paying for two homes and acquiring a major debt. You were God sent. You are very credible. I would seek you out in a second if I needed help. I honor your trustworthiness and your honesty. Thank You for coming to our family's assistance! Your giftedness has blessed us! In Him, Gary and Kristina
Gary and Kristina Taylor
Yorkstown, VA

Last year I found myself in a difficult situation. I had lost my job due to corporate downsizing. Although I regained employment at a new company, it was not at the same salary level that I enjoyed before. I found the monthly bills including my mortgage payment to be overwhelming. All I wanted to do was sell my house, move into a more affordable place and protect my credit. I did not want to pay a Realtor a commission and wait 3-6 months for my house to close. I was not sure what to do when I called Pensacola Home Buyers ad in the yellow pages. They came out to my house and explained that they would make my payments and protect my credit until the house was sold. I was a little nervous about trusting them to make my payment and make it on time every month but that is exactly what they did! Now less than 9 months later I hold a certificate from my bank that states my loan is paid off in full. Pensacola Home Buyers did exactly as they promised and my future looks brighter.
Jeanette Todd
Pensacola, FL

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