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Sample Deals

Kawanee Drive View Sample Deal
This private investor only had $10,000 to invest and that was just fine.  That was the amount that was needed to finish the renovations on this 5/3 Brick House. The private lender was secured with less than 70% loan to value.

Loan          $10,000
Term           12 months
Interest       12%  ($1,200)
LTV             57%

Vassar Drive
View Sample Deal
This house was totally reconstructed from the ground up; new roof, electrical, central heat and air, sheetrock, bathroom, kitchen, carpet, tile and paint.  The private loan was used to pay for renovation cost.  Lender was secured with a mortgage against the house at less than 70% Loan to Value.

Loan          $20,000
Term           14 months
Interest       12%  ($2,880)
LTV             51%

Mazurek Blvd.
View Sample Deal
This beautiful 4/2 was financed with private money.

Loan          $133,000
Term           3 years
Interest       10%  ($39,900)
LTV             68%

Lexington Drive
View Sample Deal
This 3/1 is financed with private money.  Long term rates, secured with a mortgage less than 70% Loan To Value.

Loan          $55,000
Term           4 years
Interest       9%  ($19,800)
LTV             62%

New York Drive
View Sample Deal
This two bedroom house was refinanced with private money.  Private lender will recieve longterm rates secured by the property.

Loan          $15,000
Term           10 years
Interest       10%  ($15,000)
LTV             30%

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